Chris“When I completed my private pilot training in 2014, I began my search for a flying club.  Knowing that outright ownership was outside my price range, I searched for a club that would offer a safe, reliable and updated airplane at a reasonable cost.  I found all of these things in the Mitchell Flying Club along with a great bunch of like minded people who enjoy flying as much as I do.  The club is so much easier and more affordable than renting and offers many of the same benefits of ownership without the costs.” ~Chris


AndyAirplane3 “I have been a member of the Mitchell Flying Club since 1994. Coming out of the “rental” world, and not being able to afford my own plane, a club is the best alternative. Were it not for finding a home in our Club I surely would not be flying today. We have felt the pitch and yaw with the economy as everyone has, however through the tough times we have pulled together as friends to find solutions and can now boast of financial solvency, a super airplane, expectation for growth and a bright future. Our members are willing to invest themselves in the Club and as friends we invest in each other. We realize that the Club is not just about an airplane, it is about us. That’s the best part for me in the Club. I have life long, real and true friends, who just happen to share and love aviation. Doesn’t get much better than that.” ~Andy

Interested in Joining Us?

Please download the form below and, fill it out, and send it to our club’s vice president, Chris Depue at cdepue71@gmail.com. If you have any questions, contact Chris at 816-200-3854.

Mitchell Flying Club Application